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The Chakra Lounge, Sheffield

At our most-loved branch of ours, The Chakra Lounge in Sheffield, you can find a wide range of authentic, delicious Indian recipes on our menu. We are located very close to Sheffield Cathedral.

Activate your taste buds with the ancient flavour of India! We offer Roti Wraps (similar to tacos) with fresh veggies, grilled vegetarian dishes, Blueberry Porridge, Super Egg Bowl, Grilled Masala Cheese with Onions & Tomatoes, our very special Bombay Sandwich, Masala Poppadoms, Noodles, Chaat, and much more! You can also try our unique small plates with Puff Puri, Bhel Puri, Bheega Naan, and Chana Dal Fritters for a quick refreshing snack. Experience a burst of umami and savour with real spices and herbs bringing in a heavenly aroma!

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